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I backed up a RUT955 config with Auto APN enabled in Mobile config. Afterwards disable Auto APN for testing and restore config from backup. Resulting in Auto APN feature doesn't get set.

Firmware is

The feature itself is enabled in my backup. See pictures attached.

Should be easy to reproduce... Quick fix appreciated

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The issue does not reproduce, however your screenshots do indicate a contradiction.

I would like you to repeat the backup process again and test if it works.

Also, try updating your firmware and see if it persists. The latest firmware version file can be downloaded from here: https://wiki.teltonika-networks.com/wikibase/images/9/91/RUT9_R_00.07.01.4_WEBUI.bin

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the problem doesn't occur with the latest 7.1xx firmware. However we've extensive user documentation based on the 6.xx UI. So a fix for the legacy firmware would save us from updating all docs.

It can be reproduced with 6.8.6 firmware.

Hello SEW-Eurodrive,

Could you please share this backup archive, which you are trying to upload to your RUT9 router, with us? You can send it to me via private message.

We are not able to reproduce this issue with our local devices and same firmware version. Maybe your exact router did not generate backup correctly. If we would be able to see your backup archive - we would be able to investigate this issue further.

Also, if you have other RUT9 devices nearby, could you download backup archive from different RUT9 device and check if its also does not transfer APN setting with it?


sent you a private message.
I'll test a backup creation from another device, but it may take some time until I have one available.

Thanks for your help.



Thank you for backup archive.

We were able to reproduce this issue with your backup archive, while our backup archives are working correctly.

Since you have mentioned, that this backup was not made of fresh router, but instead its configuration started from older firmware version, try to reset your device to factory default settings, then reconfigure device to desired state and download new backup archive. Afterwards check if with new backup archive you are still encountering this issue.