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This is about a RUT955 with latest V6 firmware (RUT9XX_R_00.06.08.6).

I have the GNSS system configured to send NMEA sentences using UDP to a Linux gpsd daemon (note: this is different from the gpsd that runs on the RUT955).

I have 2 issues:

1. the GNSS system seems to lose fix frequently. The fix time gets reset in that case, NMEA position transmission is suspended for a minute or so and the position thereafter wanders off significantly for 5 minutes;

2. after a while something is wrong with the sentences:


and they never move again. Also $GPRMC is completely absent.

Is this a known issue ? Can it be fixed ?

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You could do a reboot or use the command “/etc/init.d/gpsd restart” on CLI to restart the gps service, and try again. Also, make sure the antenna is correctly attached to the RUT955, has direct sky visibility and would not have any obstructions between it and the sky. If the issue persists after this, could you share a screenshot of your NMEA configuration?

Additionally, make sure the GPS is enabled on webUI (Services > GPS > General > GPS Configuration > Enabled) and use the command “gpsctl -sixp” on CLI and send the output to check the status.

Kind regards.


I'm back in the stuck position.

gpsctl -sixp shows :


Oddly enough, the gpsctl seems to have 'unstuck' the position reporting.

Is there a power-down or similar in effect ?

See NMEA config screenshot below.
I can't seem to find to attach a screenshot...


When you say it ‘unstucked’ do you mean that it was fixed? Did you use the command “/etc/init.d/gpsd restart”?

To share a file or image, you can edit your original post and upload it (only Teltonika personnel would be able to see it). If the problem persists, could you please recreate the failure scenario and share the Troubleshoot file (System > Administration > Troubleshoot > Troubleshoot file) so we can check the logs?

Kind regards.