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TRB255 (FW TRB2_R_00.07.01.4)

I am using it to send data to the cloud with MQTT, after +- 12 hours I see on my broker that I start receiving corrupt values.

When I log into the TRB255 and I use the modbus master test functions I see that I am still reading correct values (0 or 1)

But when I look into the MQTT message I see that I now receiving -24063 instead of 1.

If I reboot the TRB255 then the problem is solved, so I think there is some memory management problem of index overflow in the firmware?

2 Answers

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Thank you for your observation.

Currently such an issue has not been known. Could you please share your MODBUS master/Data to server configuration? We will try to reproduce it and forward it to the development department.

Best regards,

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Today it happened again, i looks to me that is always +- 12h after startup.
Now it changed to another value