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by anonymous

Hi there,

I'm trying to monitor the WAN IP of a TRB141 using the data to server option via HTTP but I can't get it to work. I have successfully done it on a RUT240 and I can't figure out what's wrong on the TRB141.

Here is my setup:

Note that I have tested the webhook with postman successfully.

Thanks for your help

1 Answer

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by anonymous

As I can see from the screenshots, You haven't defined anything in the JSON format. Please enter the below string in the JSON format:
{ "Data" : "%a"}

Check if you get the data successfully.

by anonymous
Right.... I didn't realise it was only the placeholder.

I entered {"data": "%a"} but still not working. I tried {"data": %a} too. Any other idea?
by anonymous
Hi Jules,

Did you enable Modbus TCP Slave on TRB141?

Try to disable the option "Send as Object" and change Data filtering to "All data". Make sure that URL/HOST/Connection String is correct. Save and apply. See if you get the data on the server.


by anonymous
Hey Ramandeep,

None of that worked but I started receiving data by changing parameters back and forth...

At the end parameters match the screenshot above and it works. Not sure what to think...


by anonymous
Hey Jules,

Great to hear that It worked for you.
Where did you change the parameters? On Data to server or Modbus Master configurations?
by anonymous

Hi Ramandeep,

I only played with the data to server settings, as you can see on my initial post I was able to read the registers from the device, so I assumed the master and slave configuration were working fine.

Below are the working parameters, and as you can see I didn't change a thing.