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Deal All,

How can we manage ~30 RUT955 units via 4G? What is the conditions of using RMS? Is it free?
How can the RMS manage the units if they has no static IP on the 4G GSM provider? (the units providing public internet on Wifi and VPN connection simultaneously and we need a fix remote address maintain the VPN connection)
Or how can we use noIP/DynDNS?


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The easiest way of managing multiple RUT units RMS. Each unique device receives a free license the first time it is added to RMS. A license lasts for one month before it expires, so after that you will need to buy additional licenses. Information on buying RMS licenses and pricing can obtained by contacting your sales manager the vendor that sold the devices.

Devices connect to the RMS server and they act as clients in a network, so they don't need public IPs to be managed.

Other possible means of remote management for RUT955 are described here.

While I don't have DynDNS instructions, NoIP instructions can be found here.

Thank You.

And which method can be used in the case of VPN? Because the local VPN firewall needs to know the "static" IP addresses for the 30 remote RUT units connected VPN via GSM/4G.

I believe the RMS membership not enough for this or RMS is for remote management "only".

What type of VPN? Generally VPN clients don't need static IPs, unless they are used for LAN access, in which case you just specify the LAN IP. If the VPN firewall rules allow only certain IPs to connect to the server, at the moment I can't think of a way to circumvent this without public static IPs. (Unless I'm missing something here.)

Not sure what you mean by "RMS is for management "only". To sum up, it can be used for:

  • monitoring devices (from basic statuses like connection state, modem temperature, uptime, etc. to more advanced things like tracking the GPS position or making data usage charts);
  • both mass and single device configuration;
  • reaching the Web and CLI interfaces of your devices;
  • setting up alarms and reports;
  • upgrading firmware of single of multiple devices at a time.

As I've mentioned earlier, all devices receive a free month-long license first time they are added to RMS. So if you'd wish to try it out yourself, you can create an account here, add one device and see if it's what you need. First start instruction can be seen in this video.

We tried OpenVPN, but there was no success (maybe our firewall can not handle it). The local firewall is Fortgate 201E and we made site to site VPN via IPSec . In this case you have to input the remote RUT955's static IP address but the SIM has not got any because of providing public internet on Wifi. The VPN tunnel is a requirement for LAN because we attached a LAN based equipment to Tektonika providing data to out local servers. So RUT955 has to provide public internet on Wifi and VPN on LAN simultaneously.

We trying to find the best method to set static IP for RUT955. We are waiting for test firmware from your company which fixes the multiple APN usage. In this case the VPN APN van have fix IP address...