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I know you can do a scan and connect to a WiFi network and have that work as your WAN, but how do you connect to a Hidden network and have that be your WAN? Is it just one of the options that doesn't have the SSID displayed and i just have to figure out the BSSID to connect to it?

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It is possible to connect to a hidden Wi - Fi. In order to do this:

  • Login to your router's WebUI;
  • Navigate to Network -> Wireless;
  • Press Add interface;
  • In a newly opened window General Setup tab select Mode - Client, ESSID - SSID of the device you want to connect to, BSSID - Leave empty, Network - Select Custom and enter your own name.
  • Go to Wireless security tab, select encryption matching the access point's you are connecting to and enter a valid password.
  • Press save and apply.

Now you should be connected to a hidden Wi - Fi access point.

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