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Hi there,

i'm trying to use the same Multi-AP Feature as uplink with a normal WPA2/PSK secured WIFI and LTE as Fallback Prio2.

The connection flaps between online and not connected. I cant get a successful connection to any wifi as an uplink, even if there just one SSID saved.

I'm using RUT9_R_00.07.01.4.

I read different threads here, where many other users encountered the same problem, none of them got any solution.

What are we all doing wrong? 
Do you have any advice?

best regards 


1 Answer

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In case, you have an officially supported openwrt-device, i.g. RUT955, you can flash openwrt as an alternative to Teltonikas stuff.

I have a large fleet of 955s, running official openwrt, for IoT, with LAN as primary uplink, WiFi as second prio, and LTE as third. With auto failover, of course.

Works like a charm.

Teltonikas stuff has the disadvantage, always to lag most recent kernels and packages.