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Dear Sirs Teltonika;

I am currently using RUT955-Teltonika cellular modem to remotely access the CR800 logger remotely through LoggerNetAdmin software and pakbus router address (jaros.konectgds.com:8130).

I am making the following configuration:

****************RS-232 configuration of the RUT955:

* 115200 baud

* 8-N-1

* no flow control

* Serial type: OverIP


* Mode: Server

* TCP Port: 50000 - The port can be changed if necessary

* The default IP is but it can be changed in the RUT settings

*****************************CR800 Datalogger COM port configuration:


* 115200 Auto

* Beaconinterval: 30

* Check interval 300

*No Neighbors


To access the RUT 955 from the network from the Device Configuration Utility:

* Connection type: IP, IP: (or 6785)

The RUT gives internet access to the datalogger, so the datalogger can be redirected from Network Services to a LoggerNet server or a Konect Pakbus Router.

The cable used between both devices is: NULL-MODEM.

After making previous configurations, I have not remote connection.

I attach some images for more detail.

I hope to get your help.

Thank you,

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Could you provide the topology or a diagram of your setup with details such as IP addresses and ports as it is not quite clear how devices interconnect?

Also from the screenshots it is clear that you have not established, which networks are allowed to communicate with the RUT955 device. I suggest using to allow any address for testing purposes.

Best regards,

Hello Zygimantas, thanks for answering.

Below I attach the "Topology Diagram for remote connection of the CR800 recorder" and some images for better understanding, please download information from the following link: