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by anonymous
Router RUTX11 Firmware RUTX R 00.07.02


could you please give me help on setting the router for this demand:

i want to send a SMS tu the RUT with a keyword (e.g. status or gps) and get an answer via email (my provider account doe not have sms sent capabilities). I tried several ways on configuration, but only get the original sms text with email and not the gps coordinates or status informations. Seems the utilities does not give an answer or forward the answer to the email. Is there any trick to solve this?

Greetings Utz

1 Answer

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by anonymous

Thank you for contacting us.

Unfortunately, the functionality is not possible to implement without the router being able to sending an SMS message.

Best regards,

by anonymous

So, why not ???

  • The router is able to send emails.
  • It is able to send emails full of informations defined with variables (eg event reporting).
  • It is able to receive SMS and read and understand the content.
  • It is able to reply the SMS with an email and sends a copy.
  • It is able to reply the SMS with a SMS full of informations.
  • So why is it not able to reply the SMS with an email full of information ?? This is not logic !

Why don't you add this missing function? It is easy to implement and very essential !!

Please find a way ! Thank you !!