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by anonymous

Hello, we would like to be able to failover to a satellite connection on the WAN port when the LTE connection fails the ping tests.  The twist in our case is, we don't want to turn on the satellite modem until necessary because we have a low power embedded application. 

That means, we want to A) detect the failure of the LTE connection and B) energize the digital output (or close the relay) that will then power the satellite modem that we want to fallover to. 

Also, is there a possibilty to occasionally test the LTE connection to see if it is working (so that we can "failback")? 

We are using the newer version of the RUT955 that I have upgraded to the R_00.07.02.

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by anonymous


You could accomplish this task using a script. With the help of Crontab you can run this script every defined period. You can see the syntax on the following wikipage:

Crontabs - Teltonika Networks Wiki (

For your case, you should create a conditional depending on the mobile connection and as result a change on a digital output of RUT955, which would power the satellite modem. To set a parameter to a specific value, you can use the UCI commands like on the following wikipage:

UCI command usage - Teltonika Networks Wiki (

If the conditional is defined by the mobile connectivity, you can script it so the digital output changes again after the device recovers the mobile connectivity.

Kind regards.