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by anonymous
Hi, I'm wanting to send the value read on the analog input to my azure database via MQTT.

I can't seem to find a way to do this.

I did find one guide on here, but it didn't match the ui presented on the RUT955.

Please advise

1 Answer

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by anonymous

The way to achieve this would be to used Modbus and setting up the router to read the analog input (register number 142) from itself using Modbus TCP master.

Then using data to server you would public the Modbus tada to the azure MQTT
by anonymous
Thank you for confirming its possible.

I just can't seem to find a guide or a how to.

Setting it up to do what you suggest doesn't seem to be as straightforward as you make it out to be. Hahaha.

If you have the time, please advise further.

Thank you,

by anonymous

You would be lucky as I do have some time.

So what you need to do is:

Go to Services Modbus -> Modbus TCP slave enabled it and click save

Then go to Modbus TCP master, add new slave and then set it up like this:

Then go to data to server, add a new sender and set up it like this:

I think you might also need to upload TLS certificates for the azure MQTT

There currently is not other way to send data to MQTT as far as the inputs go. We are always implementing new feature and there might be some other way in the future

by anonymous
Thank you for the wonderful advice.

The images are a little low resolution, I can't quite see the IP address. Looks like

Is that correct?
by anonymous
Yeah, they kinda did turn out to be low res. Yeah, that is the loopback address,
by anonymous

Thanks for confirming. 

I've given this a try and run a test. 
The test reports back 0.0000 yet the status screen shows 0.8
Did I do something wrong? 

Thank you, 

by anonymous
Using a 16Bit or even 32Bit Int, i get values such as 810 or 0,810 but that's not a floating number.

Seems odd that all the floats return 0.0000
by anonymous
I've set it to a 32Bit int, 1,2,3,4.

I get 4 digit int's now, I can just use a division to get the floating point value.

Thanks for your help. I hope this acts as a guide for others too.

Teltonika may want to look into the Floating Point value, as it doesnt seem to function.