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Hello All,
I am new to this forum and not that familiar with the RUT950.

I am trying to configure my RUT950 in passthrough mode without using a mac-adress.
This will be a default configuration for a number of other routers.

The idea is that the wan IP-adress (private apn) is passed to a device connected to a lan port.
So far i can't get this to work.

The router is not passing the WAN-IP to  a device connected to the LAN-port.
(the wan-ip is visible in the modem at the network interfaces, the modem is connected to a 4G network)

I did upgrade the modem to the latest 7.02.1 firmware.
I tried disabling/enabling dhcp at the lan and wan side. So far no luck.
The only ip-adress i get from the router is from the lan dhcp-pool (192.168.1.x) or nothing.

Please advice..
Thanks in advance for your help.


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To begin configuring Bridge/Passthrough mode:

  • Make sure that WAN failover is turned off in Network Failover page and mobile is set as main WAN in the Network Interfaces page.
  • Make sure that DHCP server is enabled on menu NetworkInterfaces LAN.
  • Then in the Network Interfaces → MOB1S1A1/MOB1S2A1(depending on which SIM is your primary) page select Mode Bridge/Passthrough in the mobile configuration section. You will then see an additional configuration field for entering a MAC address appear. 
  • Set your PC to obtain IP address automatically. In windows 10 go to the Ethernet SettingsChange adapter optionsEthernet NIC propertiesInternet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and set Obtain an IP address automatically.
  • Reboot RUT device.
  • Wait until RUT fully boots up in Bridge/Passthrough mode.
  • You might also need to re-enable PC network interface or reboot the PC.

Best regards,



Hi Žygimantas,

Thanks for your quick reply, much appreciated. It still does not work, i do not get a IP-adress on the lan-port.

I configured the router exactly as you stated in your mail, except for one thing; the mac-adress 
in the MOB1S1A1 interface.
This configuration is going to be used as a master for many other RUT950 modems.

Can the ip passthrough functionallity also being used when not using a mac-adress in the MOB1S1A1 interface?
Do you have other suggestions?

Regards Gert-Jan