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Dear forum,

I am using a FMB130 with firmware 03.27.07 Rev:00 Configuration and I want the device to send me AVL data to a listening TCP server.

So far, the Codec8E data arrives at the server and looks OK (e.g. field length ok). But the timestamp and the position never change. Other people had the same problem and a "sdformat" and "cpureset" is recommended. But timestamp and position always stay at the time of the last "sdformat" and "cpureset" command. The TCP server is also restarted, so it cannot be old data in the receive buffer that is always parsed again...

What can I do? Is it a firmware problem?

Thanks for any help!

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For questions related to FMB130 please refer to this forum: https://community.teltonika-gps.com/.

Best regards,