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can you pls help with below scenario?

-i have one 940 with 4G for remote access via RMS VPN
-one rutX08 with 2 PCs and with a WAN acting as internet connection
-rutX08 - has subnet, rut940 - has the interconnect to the 940.
-the internet access from the X08 --> is working
-internet access from 940 is working via the 4G mobile

-i created a VPN HUB for the access between home PC to the remote 940 router and from here (from the office PC) i want to access also the X08 subnet/devices
-the 940 is for RMS VPN access and must be active also when the X08 has the Internet access via the WAN active.

-looks like the OpenVPN client from the HQ is not able to access the X08 subnet because the internet is from the WAN link from the X08.

Question: any idea how can i use the X08 PCs with the WAN Internet link and the RMS VPN Hub for Remote support from the HQ office -via openvpn?
do you have any advice?

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I don't know how you have configured the VPN Hub before. But it seems that you should add the RUTX08 to the LAN routes that the device can reach (Minute 1:20 of this video). Also, download the new file for OpenVPN. Then, you can create remote desktop access to the corresponding PCs as shown in this video. 


The other thing you can do is to register the RUTX08 in RMS and create directly from it the remote access to the PCs you want as shown in the video above. 


Thank you for your support,below update from my side.

RUTX08 has Internet access from the WAN link. This access is filtered and blocked by the ISP (connected to the WAN), we have the 940 router for remote access. Only the 940 i can add to the VPN HUB because i have the internet via the 3G SIM.

The thing is that the device under the X08 has the default gateway from the ISP. When i want to connect from the HQ, via openvpn to the 940 ...and then to the device under X08, this device does not know how to return the traffic to the HQ PC due to the default route...that sends the traffic to the WAN ISP.

RMS - i added all the routers to RMS but for sure the X08 will not be accessible due to the filtering. The RUTX08 is like a backdoor.

I will try with a static route on the X08 to connect on the Virtual IP that the Open VPN will provide to the RUT940...this is the test that i want to try.