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Hello all,

I have got one technical question. Please see picture TUNNEL.pdf

I have got installed TRB140 (I.). There is port forwarding realized so any PC on internet can access our web server typing to the address row.

Could I add second TRB140 device and parallelly create connection ( some secure tunnel) to be able the PC with web server ask the PLC for data?

Web server can ask only devices that’s looks they are on same LAN.

What is the best way to solve this.

Could I use second SIM card with standard IP address?

What kind of secure tunnel to create? Open VPN ? 

Can both process ( port forward and secure tunnel) works together on TRB140 device?

Thank you for answers.


1 Answer

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Checking your topology. I think the solution you propose is the correct one. You don't need a public IP on the second device because the first TRB would work as a server. What you can do is that after setting up the tunnel with the second TRB, you can add the routes on both devices to be able to reach the LAN devices of the second TRB. With this, you can access the PLC without problem from the web server.