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Apologies for the newbie question, but I am on the steep part of the learning curve wrt PoE. Slightly flatter for networking in general, but would welcome someone setting me straight here.

I want to install a RUT240, ideally with PoE (I have checked with the PSU, all fine). The manual states that it can be powered by PoE, but is not compliant with IEEE 802.3af-2003 standard, because delivered voltages will be too high, nor is it with the IEEE 802.3at so cannot deliver PoE+.

According to my little understanding, this then leaves IEEE 802.3bt 3/4, both of which are higher voltage than those previously stated. With what form of PoE is the router then compliant?

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I use the Ubiquiti passive 24 volt PoE injector with great success on my mast mounted Teltonikas. This injector supplys 24 volts DC to pins 4 & 5 Positive and 7 & 8 Negative. I use the Ubiquiti ones only because I have lots of them that I haven't used. There are other passive PoE  injectors available to same standard if you look.

Pin 4 is not used on the Teltonika so it's input pin 5 Positive and pins 7 & 8 Negative
I have already had 2 of my  RUTX11 units fail powering them up vis the POE port.

I used passive POE injectors, 12v 1a.

Is there a specific designed POE adapter for this product?  I need POE in the application I use.  Are you using the 24v 1a ubiquiti POE?

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