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Hi, I am considering writing a small module to run on the TRB140.  All I need is a simple g++ compiler so I can do eg

g++ -Wall Unit1.cpp -oHello

then I can take it from there (it will only listen on lan for data in proprietory format, process it, and make it available on a TCP server port).

I have seen the SDK instructions to re-compile the entire firmware but that is NOT what I want to do !!

If I download the SDK as instructed to a Ububntu 18 box, will I get the simple development environment ?  Anyone tried this ?  Would it work also for the TRB255 (which conveniently has basic rs232) or would I need a different SDK ?

Many thanks.

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An example of development of new programs for OpenWRT systems (RutOS is based on OpenWRT) is provided in the following link: https://openwrt.org/inbox/eclipse.

Due to differing architectures, you would need to use a different SDK for a TRB2 device.

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