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Hi there,

so i was trying to access my RUT240 router remotely with help of ZerotierVPN and did the required configuration on it. Also i want send my Modsim64 data form one of same LAN PC to the remote monitering pc of another LAN.Things i did on router are..

1.Set the VPN

2.Enabled the HTTP access.

3. Set MQTT and data to server Configuration.

Now i want to simply get the modSim64 data of PC1(connected in the LAN with RUT240) to the remote PC (connected to another LAN or phone-data) through VPN.

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Would you please explain, how the remote PC will be receiving the data? Does the remote PC have a Modbus Master installed on it or a TCP server?
It would be really helpful if you can share the detailed topology diagram of the whole network with the caption of what services are running on each device.

For Data to Server video tutorial, please watch the below video:

Here in the video, I have used the Teltonika router as a Modbus slave device, but you can configure your modSim64 device in the Modbus Master configuration page.