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Hello Teltonica team,

I need help with a special "controlled" client to client solution.

I have an OpenVPN server at RUT240 with many clients also at RUT240 devices. The servers virtual network IP is The private client network are at the most devices (equal facilities). To access the clients LAN devices from Server I work with port forwarding. Everything works fine, even client to client connection with port forwarding. 

Now I want to seperate the clients. One client should do client to client (road warrior). An other special client (client 05) should not see all clients, only one selected client (client 04). See figure below.

Can you pleas send me an example configuration?

Thanks a lot.

1 Answer

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similar questions are well documented in the OpenVPN Wiki https://community.openvpn.net/openvpn/wiki/HOWTO#Configuringclient-specificrulesandaccesspolicies

There are examples of iptables commands to restrict access.

Best regards, Anton