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We are experiencing problems with one RUT955. When it is off for some time (~few hours) after power up it somehow boots up and acts as switch (we have LAN1 and WAN connected) so we can't connect to it. We have to press reset button (just short press/release). After that reset it boots to its factory default configuration (it is accessible via After next reset (same short press/release) it boots up to its correct configuration.

Firmware in that device is which works good with other devices.

Is there anything we can do to fix this issue? We need it to boot up with correct configuration without any user interaction.

Thank you


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Could you clarify, what do you mean by acts as a switch?

Also, did I understand correctly, after each consecutive reboot, router boots with a different configuration/mode(switch->default->correct config)?

I suggest to create a backup of your current configuration by navigating to System -> Administration -> Backup and try to update the device to this firmware with Keep settings option disabled. If that does not help, you will be able to revert by downloading firmware file from here and upload the backup.

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