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by anonymous

I have a RUT955 with the latest (RUT9_R_00.07.02.3) firmware. I have 4G connection and WAN connection as failover.

What I need to read over SNMP is what Internet connection is being used(active) now but I can't find any OID in the MIB file for RUT955 that gives that information.

Is there an OID or a way to get this information over SNMP?

The second problem I have is I can't create SNMP traps, as I click on the add button nothing happens.

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by anonymous


Unfortunately, the data you want to receive vis SNMP is not available. As an alternative, you can configure the router to send an SMS or email on a failover event. For more details refer here:

Regarding, SNMP traps, it is a known issue, which will be solved, related to a missing dependency, when compiling final firmware, which leads to SNMP traps package simply not being installed. To solve this, you need to upload SNMP package manually via Services > Package Manager > Upload page, the package can be downloaded from here.

Otherwise, you need to access the router via CLI (In the web UI navigate to System -> CLI) or SSH (you can use PuTTy) client and execute the following commands:

  • opkg update
  • opkg install snmptrap 

Best regards,