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by anonymous


I have connected two RUTX10 routers (firmware RUTX_R_00.07.02.2) in a bridge (example: RUTOS relay / Wi-Fi extender / repeater / bridge configuration). There are two devices that exchange data with each other based on the MAC address of the device. One device is connected to the LAN port of one router and the other to the LAN port of the second router.

What settings must be made on the routers for the devices to exchange data?

Thank you!

1 Answer

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by anonymous


Would you please confirm if you are trying to connect both RUTX10 devices to each other from LAN to LAN port?
If yes, please follow the below instructions:
1. Connect both routers via Ethernet cable to LAN port 1 of each and make sure that both routers are in the same network .i.e
2. Configure router 1 as below:

3. Configure Router 2 as below:

As indicated, both routers should be in the same network and should have different IPs.

Please advise if this is what you want to implement. 


Share the topology diagram with clear details for what you want to achieve


by anonymous


Yes, for the test, when the routers are connected LAN to LAN (fig.1) berween client 1 and client 2 there is a connection.

In real conditions, one client is on a fixed point and the other is on a moving one. Due to tehnical limitations, wired connectivity between clients is not possible. This necessitates the use of a wireless connection (fig.2).The protocol by which client 1 and 2 communicate is PROFINET - the connection is based on MAC address. Routers must be completely transparent for layer 2 communication.

Is it possible and with what settings should the routers be in order to ensure such connectivity via WiFi.

Best regards.

by anonymous

You can use Wifi DHCP relay configurations for one of the router. Please visit the below page for configuration example:
Youtube link:

Apart from that, you can also use the Wireless mesh feature as well. However, this feature is more suitable for Wireless end devices.
For fig 2. you can try out the wireless mesh feature of the RUTX10 router. When RUTX10 is configured as a mesh gateway it provides internet access to other mesh nodes. When configured as a mesh node it acts as a mesh router which forwards traffic to and from the mesh gateway. Nodes also connect other wireless devices to the network such as laptops and cellphones. For wireless mesh nodes devices will be connected to them over wifi, not via LAN ports.

For the configuration example, please visit the below link: