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by anonymous

Good day, I want to forward a port, I have checked all settings, but I can't connect from outside.

The modem is: RUT240 The firmware version RUT2_R_00_07.02.4 The modem is connected to the internet MOB1SA1 At Network > Firewall > Port forwards I have set the following:


IPV4 tcp,udp From any host in Wan Via anay IP at Port 8080

Forward to

IP port 80 in lan

Also I have changed the Webui

Enable remote HTTP acces port 8081.

The settings are in the appendix.

Thanks in advance,

1 Answer

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by anonymous


Please confirm the below:

  • What device are you using at LAN of Router?
  • Is the LAN device have RUT40 configured as a default gateway?
  • Is port 80 open on the end device?
  • Are you able to ping the end device from RUT240 and vise-versa?
  • Does Rut240 has a public IP or are you using VPN to access it from WAN?
  • Try to disable the firewall on the end device, if running.
  • Please share the screenshot of the Port forwarding or troubleshoot file of RUT240.

    See below, one of the configuration examples demonstrating port forwarding:

by anonymous
Good day,

Thank you for your response, I have followed the manual and have made some progress.

But I still can't reach the controller from outside.

I have made an overview with the settings and the

Can I add these documents to the question?

Or can I send them by e-mail?

Could you please indicate which settings I have set incorrectly?

Thank you for the effort.

Kind regards,

by anonymous
Sorry twice posted.
by anonymous
Hi Jeroen,

Please share the troubleshoot file via Private message with me. Attach the file in the message and please provide answers to all the questions that I have asked in an earlier post.