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by anonymous

I have a RUT950J with firmware installed. I am trying to join a wifi network as a client that has a UniFi captive portal, I tried to override the mac address with the one from my iPad's private mac which has accepted the TOS. When I enter the override MAC in it does not appear to actually change anything. I have run ifconfig and the MAC on WLAN0 does not change. Anyone know what's up with it?  

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by anonymous

Instead of overriding MAC of “Lakewood“ interface, try setting it to LAN interface.

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by anonymous
Okay that worked getting it to connect and allowing data through the captive portal. However, now it will stay connected but drop pings very frequently. I will ping under 50ms right after any changes are made in the router for about 25 pings and then it will miss about 10 in a row and come back pings over 1000+ms. I have attached a new support file. There is plenty of data available as I can pull 50Mbps+ through my phone and only 0.5Mbps through the Teltonika. Thanks!
by anonymous

Could you check, what signal/noise values are indicated in Network -> Wireless section, example below.

How far is the access point from the RUT?

 Are there any objects, which could be blocking the signal between devices?

Could it be that you are in an environment congested by other access points? Try using different WiFi channels, also, change channel width to 40MHz, see if that helps. 

From the logs there seems to be issues creating iptables and routes due to network name being too long: 

create_iface_iptables: iptables-restore v1.8.7 (legacy): chain name `mwan3_iface_in_LakewoodCampground' too long (must be under 29 chars).

Try to shorten it. 

by anonymous

Hi thanks! The signal is currently a -66 to -68 with a -90 noise floor. There are other networks around but most of them are around the -80 to -90 range. I am about 200-300’ from the AP on top of the building. I thought maybe it was a directional antenna but after looking it up it’s a omni antenna. I redid my config and shortened the name and we’ll see how that does