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i have a problem the IPV6 adress on a RUT 240.

I would build an open VPN connection between 2 Rut240(Last Firmware RUT2_R_00.07.02.4).

In both Rut240, i install telekom simcards with static IPV6.

One time the open VPN connection was built up.

After a newstart, the connection doesn't built up.

the IPV6 adress of the last 4 blocks was different, the first 4 blocks from the telekom was the same.

I built up the Internet connection above WWanV6 Mobile connection.

Where are the settings, that the RUT240 Server of the Open VPN Connection has always the same IPV6 adress(the last 4 Blocks)?

Per example

open vpn connection was built up:

inet6 addr: 2a01:598:ff37:7d00:315c:951b:8f7f:9626


inet6 addr: 2a01:598:ff37:7d00:c410:4b1d:fbb1:be1e

Thank you for your support.

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I just want to understand correctly to help you better.
Are you saying openvpn worked IPv6 IP (I assumed WAN IP is only IPv6 and LAN was IPv4) but after some time IPv6 last 4 blocks got changed and the VPN stopped working.
Now you want to know how to fix last 4 blocks or entire IPv6 IP address in router ?

In this case IPv6 should come from ISP to SIM as fix binding, you need to double check with ISP and let us know, and if understanding of mine is incorrect please correct me.

Hello Rasure,

thank you for your answer.

I want to fix the last 4 Blocks of the IPv6 of the Router. The last 4 Blocks changes after a reboot(powerless).

The server router is not permanently connected to power supply.

I try a reboot(powerless) and the last 4 Blocks of IPV6 adress changes.

Before Reboot, the open VPN was built up. I could ping the server router from the network of the remote router

After the Reboot, the open VPN was disconnect.

The telkom service told me, that the first 4 Blocks of the IPV6 adress set the telekom, the last 4 Blocks of the IPV6 adress are settings of the router.

But i doesn't find the settings to fix the last 4 Blocks of the IPV6 Adress.

Thank you for your support