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by anonymous
I previously I have had Teltonika Rut955 and was delighted that I had the opportunity to upgrade to RUTX11 in order to get Cat6.
To my big surprise, the RUTX11 performs much worse than a Huaweii B535, at the same location, using the same external antennas and at the same time of day, same carrier.
The RUTX11 had an average DL speed of 55,5 MB where the Huaweii had 110,5.
The upload speeds are much closer: RUTX11 29,2, Huaweii 29,7.

I can even get higher DL speeds on the Huaweii using another antenna DL 163,5 - on that same antenna RUTX11 performed worse: 38,5 MB.

Anything I can do in the settings, or do I have to ditch the RUTX11  (which I would hate to do).

Best regards

2 Answers

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by anonymous

Tried to manually lock the bands, but since tests are now later in the day the results are actually much worse.....
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by anonymous
I have now done some more testing with 3 different antennas.

And the results are quite consistent:  the RUTX11 has half the DL speed as the Huaweii router.

UL speeds are the same on the two routers.

Unfortunately this means that the RUTX11 has to go :-(
by anonymous


We are sorry to hear that you had an unsatisfactory experience with our devices.

I would like to ask you to check out a few parameters that could have influenced the testing results.

Huawei uses a higher category CAT7 modem instead of a CAT6 that is used by the RUTX11.

They are also modems sold by different manufacturers, RUTX11 uses one made by Quectel, which means the bands supported on the devices differ. That could mean Huawei could support a band that RUTX11 does not support and that is why the carrier aggregation is not working at its full potential. Would you be able to check which of the band were used at the time of testing on both devices? On RUTX11 this information would be shown in Status -> Network -> Mobile.

It could be that by default the RUTX11 did not connect to the most efficient band that was available. You could try checking bands supported by your operator to see if there are any other bands available that would provide better signal quality. It could have been that RUTX11 was not even running in carrier aggregation mode at the location of testing.

Also, some bands are better at carrier aggregation than others and can provide better speeds.

Also, make sure that the antennas are properly supported by the Teltonika device, as our devices require antennas with 50ohm impedance.

You can read more about LTE speed discrepancies here.

If you can, please post pictures from your testing

by anonymous
Since this is to be used in an autocamper it is not feasible not to use auto band selection.  

And Quectel does support band 3, 7 and 20 that my carrier uses.
by anonymous

I have the same problem ! I had a Huawei B525-s22 (cat4) and it was very fast with B7 and B1 band LTE connection.

Now I have a new RUTX11 and I've tried every kind of setting but the best speed is 3 or 6 Mbit/secs !!

By the 525S-22 I had 30/35 Mbt/secs with the same bands ! Now I cannnot understand how is it possible ! You sell a wonderful setting routers and very expensive too, but it's very slow !!!

And B525s22 was a simply cat4 !!

I have a "PAN5G-MIMO-2021 Antenna 4G 5G MIMO Direzionale 7003800Mhz cable ALSR200 OUTDOOR" on my rooftop and I pick up a little bit signal but it's about -90db. Bye yours antenna the signal is about -105/110db

But speeds is low yet !

Please, can you tell me how can I resolve this, or I have to ship back my new router. I cannot stay with a so bad connection !

Thank you very much for help me