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We managed to get the value of the Ana input (pin 6 and 9) of the 955 modem in mqtt. We used the Modbus Slave function.
With the same Mqtt protocol, we would like to retrieve the values of the other registers for example DI1, DI2

For this we added the MQTT manager package:

Our requests are correct with the serial number of the RUT955:
1612264721: New client connected from as 110902_serial number (p2, c1, k60)

We are missing the association of a topic with DI1.
Can you help to finish the conf and get the values of the other registers, DI1


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When using MQTT publisher, there is no topic that you have to specifiy, as this function has a predetermined configuration regarding that. The guide on how to use MQTT publisher can be found on our wiki.