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Trying to get a TRB 140 to send a SMS from a Siemens S7-1500 PLC.

I'm not new to Tcp/IP communication from a Siemens PLC. But I struggle to get this one working.

The TCON module says it is connected to TRB140.
Sending with TSEND confirms the information was send.

Based on a previous message on this forum I send this:

GET /cgi-bin/sms_send?username=admin&password=DefPassword&number=0037000000000&text=this%20is%20the%20message.%20%20 HTTP/1.1$R$LConnection: close$R$L$R$L

The TRB140 has enable put-get. With the user+PSW in the passed string.

To check if the TRB140 is able to send an SMS (many things could be wrong) I tested it by entering this into an URL of a browser:


Yes, I know number should be preceeded by 00+countrycode

What am I doing wrong ?

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I will just add a reminder, that for the POST/GET command, the special POST/GET user login and password should be used that was set that the location, where you enable the POST/GET function, that is Services -> Mobile Utilities -> SMS gateway -> POST/GET.

And to send the SMS this syntax has to be used /cgi-bin/sms_send?username=user1&password=user_pass&number=0037000000000&text=testmessage

Where 00 is the + sign


So you say the: '/cgi-bin/sms_send?...' shouldn't be preceeded by a 'GET' ?

BTW: I didn't tell that sending by URL works fine.

Are there no real support on these products ?

Is it all based on buyers helping eachother ?

So you can send the SMS by going to the link and you receive the message, however, when you try to do that from the SMS, the SMS is not sent?

If the PLC uses CLI commands, it should look like this: curl -X GET ""

If the browser link works, and the sending on the PLC does not work, I would double-check on how to set it up on the PLC and if all the settings are correct, IP, number, user, pass.