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Hello everyone,

When I try to scan for a WIFI to connect with rutx11 as a client to WIFI the WebGui logs me out.

After several reboots sometimes the scan is working but to connect to the WIFI the WebGui logs me out again. At the end I m not able to connect to WIFI in general.

newest version is also already installed.

any ideas?

Thank you in advanced.

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How are you connecting to the web GUI? Via cable or via WiFi. If the latter, I assume you have configured the router to run as an AccessPoint as well as client. That is how I’m trying to use my router but I’m also experiencing same kind of problem you are having.

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Hi Sabine,

Please check if your wifi source router also has the same LAN network as RUTX11 ( If yes, you may need to change your RUTX11 LAN network to something else other than Change to (some random network address).

If the above did not work, please try to factory reset the device and then configure everything back again with a LAN network other than on RUTX11.
Please follow the below link on how to factory reset the device:
Apart from that, clear your browser's cache as well and make sure that there is no other network running up as same as
Also, From an ssh console, you can try a /etc/init.d/uhttpd restart to reinitialize the WebUI server.


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thank you. i will try... and let you know