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The router is on a boat and is used to connect to WiFi in many different marina’s. What is the best way to handle this?

The “Multi AP” is a problem, for two reasons:

1. When selecting this function very often de router stops its own WiFi AP making the router completely unusable and I need to factory reset to be able to get in.

2. If it does work there is no way to scan for a nearby AP and SSID needs to be typed manually.

Maybe I’m using it wrong? What I do now is use the scan function and add a new network. But after traveling for a few weeks this creates a long list of interfaces. Why isn’t there just one WWAN to be used for this?

Note: The router is configured to run as AP to have WiFi on the boat and at the same time it is running as WiFi client to connect to the marina.

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Dunno the details about Teltonikas stuff, but running "official" openwrt on a RUT955, it is not required to create a new interface for the wifi to the port, but simply to change the SSID/password on the existing interface (client). Implemented it myself in custom firmware. Although it is supported to run the same radio both as station and client, it first of all will reduce thruput. So, using a USB-dongle for the second WiFi is my standard practice.