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I have a RUT500. I can ping it, but I can't access it from web interface. I have no IP conflict. I also can't reset it even if I press the reset button for a minute. What else can I do to reset it?

Thank you in advance.
I have a nearly same problem .

I can reach the web interface , but also after resetting with the button

the router doesn´t accept the Username admin with PW admin01.

it answers everytime "wrong password or username".

How may i get acces to the router for example by installing the firmware.

How do i install firmware without beeing logged in.

Thanks, Dirk

RUT 500 F80000

2 Answers

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To reset RUT500 to default settings, simple press and hold reset button (which can be found on the back panel of the router) for 5 seconds and release button, and router should reset to default settings.
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Try to reset it from bootloader. You can find more information here: