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We are planning to replace our recently failed RUTX11.  But we are concerned that vibration caused by normal engine operation on our 32 foot sailboat might have been the unit's problem.

We plan to use the surface mounting kit PR5MEC12 since the unit will be housed on a wooden self near all the other electronics.

Will this mount help the unit's ability to withstand the vibration caused by the engine?  Is it best to mount it flat or on end?  Is there another mounting system that you recommend that will perform better in our environment?  Can the unit actually withstand this?

Are there any other potential causes for failure unique to our environment that we should address before buying a second RUTX11?

While we are disappointed in the unit's failure we continue to believe that this is the best choice for our coastal cruising plans.

Thank you

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As the mounting suggested is plastic it would reduce the vibrations somewhat.

The best thing to use would be a rubber gasket in between the din rail mount and the router, which would require a longer screw than the standard one.

Our routers are vibration resistant, however, exceptionally high vibration environments could decrease the life of the device, like the engine compartment of a sailboat.

The sailboat environment also comes with high humidity and salts (if it's a sea or ocean) which could introduce corrosion of PCB components, so it would be best if the enclosure was well protected from the elements.