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by anonymous

I joined an existing WIFI network on a campsite to gain stronger WIFI in my camper.
But the signal is very bad when using the campsite WIFI over the rut240.
When connected to the campsites WIFI directly, the speed is 3-4x faster.

I  configured the RUT240 mentioned here:

Do you have any tipps for me?
Thanks in advance!

1 Answer

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by anonymous


Thank you for contacting us.

I would like you to check if the antenna connectors are screwed properly.

Depending on the environment and surrounding objects, try changing the placement of the router.

Check your configuration by following this video.

Also, login to the WebUI and navigate to Network -> Wireless. Edit the global wireless device settings and in a General setup tab try setting channel width to 40MHz. More details here. You can try different channels if you are in an area with more wireless devices around.

If the above does not help, I would like you to attach a troubleshoot file to your question. Please, replicate the issue, then access router's WebUI, go to System -> Administration > Troubleshoot section and download troubleshoot file from there.

Best regards,


by anonymous
Thanks for your reply.

I joined the campsites WIFI following your linked video.
I checked the antenna connection to the router.
I tried different channels and set to 40MHz.

The router is mounted in my campervan, I'm using an external antenna (lpmm-7-27-24-58), mounted on the campervans roof, with 4 cabled:
2x LTE

Since the RUT240 only has 1x WIFI, I connected only one WIFI cable from the antenna.

There is a clear line of sight to the campsite router antenna.

I only get 2mbps max, but when connected directly to the campsites router, i get up to 20mbps.

Maybe it's the antenna/router combination?
Do you have any other tipps for me?

Thank you!
by anonymous

The speed drop is to be expected, considering that the same frequency and hardware are used for receiving frames from the access point and forwarding them to the wireless client and the CPU of the router is not very fast. It uses an older 802.11n standard and has no MIMO capabilities, thus reduced speed can be expected.

Could you connect the RUT240 to the campsite router, then connect a laptop to the RUT240 using an ethernet cable and check the speed you get?

Also, could you navigate to Network -> Firewall -> General settings and enable Software flow offloading?

How far is the campsite router? Could you check the RSSI value of the client interface in Network -> Wireless as in the picture below?

by anonymous
At least I can't test the speed when connected with a cable to the router.

I'm kinda upset that this router seems not to be able to handle receiving and forwarding packages from an access point since it's one of its key features...

Do you have any router recommendations for my scenario with my antenna?