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Is it possible to force the rut240 router to use only one specific service mode and not use a different one if the selected mode is unavailable?

If I set the service mode setting in the webui to 2G or 3G only it will still use LTE when there is a bad connection and I want it to rather have no connection than chosing a different mode. I have disabled force LTE but it still chooses the LTE service.

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  1. Navigate to Network -> Mobile
  2. Scroll down to 'Network Frequency Bands'
  3. Set 'Connection method' to 'manual'
  4. Select the bands you wish to use. (You can simply not select LTE bands if you do not wish to use 4G)

Alternatively, if you only want to use 2G/3G I am fairly sure you can set it in the WebUI as well under 'Service mode' or something similar.

Best answer
In my webui there are no 'Network Frequency Bands' settings so I can't select the bands. Is it possible to do this with the command line?. I do have the 'service mode' but it will still choose lte if the 2G or 3G connection is weak.

EDIT: I updated my firmware and now there are options to set the network bands.