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I've got several RUTX10 set up with a wifi WAN connection and a couple of devices plugged into the LAN ports. I set up PRTG to periodically ping the devices to check that they are alive. After some time (the length is variable—sometimes less than a day and sometimes more than a week) PRTG alerts that pings are failing. Some observations:

1. If I plug a laptop into an open LAN port, I can ping the devices on the other ports.

2. If I log into the RUTX10, the built-in ping utility cannot ping the devices on the LAN ports.

3. Regular TCP/IP traffic seems to pass through the wifi connection with no problems, both in- and out-bound.

4. If I power the whole lot off and reboot everything, it works again for some variable period of time.

I have tried a couple of different firmware versions, both older and newer (including newest available) and that has not made a difference so far. It seems strange to me that a reboot will get things working and that it then fails later. I would expect that if something were not configured correctly it would never work. The devices are all assigned static IP addresses on the outside network (I saw another post that might be similar where the fix was changing the DHCP range). There's nothing obvious to me in the configuration of the network that would be limiting pings. This happens on any of the four devices that I have running, but they appear to be independent with regards to when they stop passing pings.

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What do you mean by The devices are all assigned static IP addresses on the outside network?

Are there two DHCP serving devices in your network?

Is the RUT DHCP pool within the range of the static leases?

Could there be an IP conflict?

Are the static leases defined in the RUT configuration?

Best regards,

As I've gotten more involved with this, some additional details have come to light that make it...complicated.

First, to answer these questions: there is no DHCP running on the RUTX10. The devices have been assigned static IP addresses that are manually configured. These are not static leases assigned via DHCP. They are on the same range as the subnet that the RUTX10 is on, i.e., the router itself has an IP address on that range, as do the devices connected to it. The RUTX10 is just a bridge connecting some wired devices to a wifi network.

I've thought about an IP conflict as well. Here's what makes me think it's not that: I can reach the devices via their web interfaces with no problem. It's just pings that are not working. I would expect that if there was a conflict, I would not be able to reach them. But I also know that IP conflicts are unpredictable, and we hunted for this problem to rule it out.

Here's the thing that makes this more complicated: there are two devices connected to LAN ports on the RUTX10, but only one of them is having trouble, i.e., the other answers pings (sorry, this is not what I posted in the original question—I misunderstood what was happening). I would think this was a device issue, perhaps with firmware or something, but the fact that I can plug into a LAN port and ping it with no problems from another device makes me discount that possibility.

I have four of these setups out there, and they are all behaving this way. I will be doing some additional troubleshooting, for example placing a switch between the devices and the RUTX10.

Thanks for your reply!