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by anonymous

I have a RUT240 retrieved from a clients site which is displaying the following error:

all leds flash off then on ever 1 second. (2g, 3g, 4g, signal, power and ethernet all at the same time)

I am not able to get into the webUI. I AM able to get into the bootloader webUI, and have flashed the legacy firmware as well as the latest and neither of these solve the problem, as soon as it restarts back to normal mode, the same issue occurs.

When I plug an ethernet cable in during normal boot it takes the usual 30 or so seconds, then the connection drops and reconnects every second. Wi-Fi does not come up at all. Can you please send me the bootloader image, as I am thinking it is stuck in a bootloader loop and needs to be restored.

Thank you Tyson

1 Answer

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by anonymous

Based on what you have described it seems to be a CPU problem and I would suggest to return the device for warranty repair.

Best regards,