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by anonymous

Hello all.
I wanted to change the "Public key" of a Wireguard connection via SMS UCI set command. After sending the SMS, the router confirms the successful change of the entry with a reply SMS.

In the reply I noticed that at the end of the "Public key" the "=" is missing. A test SMS has confirmed that everything behind a "=" is deleted.

If I send the following SMS:
Uci set network.VPN_FritzBox.public_key='123456=123456'

Does the confirmation SMS contain the following:
Replaced existing value network.VPN_FritzBox.public_key='123456

With the search function I could not find a suitable solution or a similar problem.

The whole thing happens on my RutX11 with firmware version R_00.07.02.5

Best regards, Raul.

by anonymous

I forgot to mention that the PublicKey and PrivateKey always end with a "=". It is impossible to change the corresponding entries via SMS UCI because the key is always shortened by one digit and is therefore invalid.

Can anyone confirm this?

Meanwhile I found a similar question where a user has the problem with spaces in the string after the "=".

1 Answer

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by anonymous

Thank you for contacting us.

What you have reported is indeed an issue. I will forward this to the development department to find a solution.

Best regards,