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by anonymous
Hi community!

I have a RUT955 with LAN1 connected to a switch on an existing network (192.168.201.x). LAN1 interface has a static IP of

The RUT is connected to 4G and WireGuard VPN (10.254.0.x)

I can access the RUT web interface via 4G/WireGuard

I can ping the devices on the 192.168.201.x network from RUT CLI

I have setup a port forward on WireGuard (port 2001) to forward to port 80 but I can't see the web interface of the device. If I plug directly into the network switch, works fine.

We have dozens of RUT240's setup in a similar way and they all work fine.. is there something I'm missing on the RUT955 that will allow me to talk to the devices on the 192.168.201.x network via 4G/WireGuard/port forwarding?

thanks in advance

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by anonymous


With Wireguard you don't need port forwarding in order to reach devices behind the RUT, instead add to the Allowed IPs list on the server at the other end of the tunnel and allow forwarding from wireguard -> lan in the firewall configuration. Then you should be able to reach directly.

 > I can access the RUT web interface via 4G/WireGuard

Using which address ?


by anonymous

Thank you.. I have made the changes as suggested but can't see anything on the 192.168.201.x network

This is the server config file and I'm getting a handshake


PublicKey = [removed]

AllowedIPs =,

i can access the RUT web browser via
by anonymous

i can access the RUT web browser via

And via ?

Check the firewall from Network->firewall: set both wireguard->lan and lan->wireguard to accept / accept / accept

Start a tcpdump on the RUT: tcpdump -i any -n -v icmp

and from the server ping, ping ...

What do you see ?