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Hello, I have the following request, I operate a RUT 955 router in the camper van, the mobile connection works well and if I have a WAN with password, everything also works. But now it happens that on campsites a free WLAN is offered where you have to enter your user data when calling up, but as soon as I have the variant, the page is not offered by the RUT 955, do you have a solution suggestion, I am currently on the road and could test it promptly. Attached 2 information about the system used, thanks in advance.

Greetings Andreas

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Thank you for contacting Teltonika Networks Crowd support community.

Apologies for the technical issue you have on your end.

After checking your images I realize that the device is using the legacy firmware. In this regard I advice you upgrade the device to the latest firmware. To do so go to System > Firmware then upgrade to the latest firmware.

Trying to get your issue is that you want to connect to the WLAN from a brodcasted Wi-Fi, to do so you need to connect to the wifi with RUT955 being the client.

Go to Network > Wireless, from this scan for available Wi-Fi Networks, connect to the preffered Wi-Fi which you have the Wi-Fi credentials and the RUT955 can be the client.

For more information on RUT955 Wireless, please check the following link

For more clarification and technical support, kindly revert.

Kind regards,