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by anonymous

let me start with the setup followed by the problem description

I created a setup where the LAN Port is conntected to an Arduino MKR Zero (incl. ETH Shield + SD Card in MKR Zero) in order to remotly controle/Read the Analoge and digital ports. The TRB140 is hooked into RMS, and I use RMS for the VPN host.

If I load the vpn config file downloaded from RMS into my OPENVPN client on my pc, I can establish a connection, and I can also reach the arduino attached to the TRB and open the .html page located on the SD card (located in the MKR Zero). The .html file also provides the possebility to upload files onto the sd card.

Now to the problem:

If I direclty attach the Arduino MKR to my local network (not using OPENVPN, and not using the TRB) I can easily upload files, never a problem. But if I attach the MKR to the TRB and connect via openvpn, the file upload does not work. I was wondering if there are any settings in the TRB (attack prevention, firewall, etc.) which create the problem.

For the setup of my TRB I used the installation wizard which automatically starts if you reset to factory defaults. The openvpn config file I created as described in the tutorial provided on the RMS site. Firmware version currently installed is the latest which is currently downloadable on the web page.

Anybody got an idea?



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by anonymous

Hello Patrick,

Is it possible for you to test the same setup using a pc and not the Arduino MKR Zero?

This will isolate the issue if the OpenVPN is preventing the file transfer or is it something else.

Also, can you provide more details on how the file upload was made to the Arduino?