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In an attempt to resolve another problem, I upgraded the firmware in my RUTX11 today to RUTX_R_00.07.02.4

  • Before installing the firmware, I ensured that the option was set so that my settings would be retained afterwards
  • I can successfully access the login screen; if I put in incorrect details, I get an error as expected
  • If I put in the correct login details (using the password that was retained from before the firmware upgrade), then it appears to log in, but in the centre of the screen, we have the following:

<screenshot that wouldn't upload should go here>

As you can see:

  • Everything is greyed out and I can't access it; it just sits like this forever (unless I reboot)
  • It claims I haven't changed the default password for the router even though the password I just used to log in is not the default password. 

If anyone has assistance or suggestions, that would be great. 


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Not much to go as the screenshot did not upload. 

My question is are you able to access the router via SSH (for example PuTTy client)?

What functions/features your device had configured before update?

Did you have remote access by HTTP(S)/SSH enabled?

Best regards,


Hi, thanks for your response,

  • Screenshot: The text below the failed screenshot describes it somewhat.  The interface appears to have been overlaid with white (effectively greying it out), and behind the white it's possible to see a dialog box that says "Set New Password" as the title, and the subtitle says "You haven't changed the default password for this router" (even though I have), and then it has places for me to put in the password twice. 
  • SSH: In theory yes; I can connect to the SSH port, but if I put in the username/password for the web interface (username admin, password being the thing I set it to), it doesn't accept the credentials.  Neither does it accept admin/admin or admin/password. 
  • Features/functions: Pretty much it was just an Ethernet to Mobile router with no special features other than an antenna.  The Ethernet LAN to Ethernet WAN function still works (I'm using this as a backup, but would like to regain the Ethernet-to-Mobile functionality, which is why I upgraded the firmware in the first place). 
  • Remote Access: "Remotely" on the internal network which contains only my laptop yes, but not remotely anywhere else.  And I never accessed it via SSH, although the capability was there
Thanks again!

I would like you to access the router via SSH. For login credentials use root as a username, and your router's password.

Next, execute the following command and post a screenshot with the output: 

  • hexdump -C /dev/mtd13

Then, enter the following command to generate a troubleshoot file:


You will need to copy the file generated by the above script to your PC and upload it by editing your question. To do it, first, download WinSCP application. To login, follow instructions here. Copy the file from /tmp directory, which should be called troubleshoot.tar.gz.