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after logging in it is possible to go directly to the page:
 Without going through the menu?
Or is there an app that can be used to switch the I/Os via WLAN or mobile communications?

Best regards


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Hello, thank you for your question,


while there is no possibility to go to the I/O menu directly via Webui, you can set up SMS commands to configure I/O's depending on your needs.


More information on RUT955 Mobile Utilities could be found here:


To set up SMS commands depending on your needs, navigate to:

Services -> Mobile Utilities -> SMS Utilities


In the menu, you will see multiple preconfigured SMS Rules. For example, to change I/O state, send an SMS that looks like this:


admin01 ioset


Depending on your device admin password, the syntax would need to be adjusted accordingly.


If you use Teltonika RMS system, there is a possibility to use RMS Task Manager and send commands from there.


You can find more information about it here:


To switch I/O’s with Task Manager you can use UCI commands. More information could be found here:


For example, to set Isolated Output state from off to on, you could use this command:

uci set ioman.dout2.value=1


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Hello Justas,

Thanks for the answer.

I know the SMS Utilities, but if the router has only one WLAN at the moment, I can't send SMS to the RUT.

That's why my question was whether I can jump directly to the IO status page via a WLAN connection after logging in or whether there is an APP that can control the outputs via WLAN.

Best regards





Unfortunately, there is no easy way to modify the landing destination once you log into the router since it is controlled by Javascript and is precompiled into the firmware.


There is a possibility to recompile firmware using SDK. More information about SDK could be found here:


Otherwise, this function would need additional development. If you are interested in such solution, please contact us directly here to discuss an additional development possibility:


In addition, I am afraid that currently Teltonika Networks doesn't offer an app, that would be capable of performing your required functions.


Best regards,