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I have two of RUT950. 

RUT950 #1, #2 connected with 4G LTE.

Both #1 and #2 are answered with ping

However, it is not pinged from RUT #1 to RUT #2. Also, it is not pinged from RUT #2 to RUT #1.

There is a problem with trying to communicate between a LAN device connected to RUT #1 and a device connected to RUT #2.

On other Internet-connected desktops, both #1 and #2 can be pinged.

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Thank you for contacting Teltonika Crowd Support.

To be able to ping RUT#2 from RUT#1 and vice versa, without much configuration changes, you require public IP address on the cellular WAN interface of your devices.

To get more information about public IP addresses, we recommend that you follow the links below.

May you kindly attach troubleshoot files from each of the devices (RUT#1 and RUT#2). To get the troubleshoot file, access router's WebUI and navigate to System -> Administration - > Troubleshoot section and download troubleshoot file from there.

Additionally, kindly provide your network topology with IP addresses, subnets ,etc. and also advise if you have any VPN solution between your routers.

Warm regards




RUT #1 and #2 has also public IP.

Currently, I'm testing in South korea, and the LTE network in Korea is very good, but the data connection in RUT950 is not working properly.

I attachement for two of troubleshoot files.

Please to advice RUT connection with 4G. and ping RUT #1 to RUT #2. ( (



Thank you for the feedback.

Kindly find the response below:

1. Data connection not working properly

Please be advised that the RUT950 device has a Cat 4 LTE module with theoretical maximum download and upload speeds of 150Mbps and 50Mbps respectively. However mobile data speeds may be affected by factors such as bandwidth, cell tower load, frequency bands, location and signal strength, network interface cards, physical obstructions, service mode and weather conditions. We recommend that you follow the link below for further details:

Different frequency bands will provide different speeds as speed is highly dependent on bandwidth of the band and the congestion of the cell tower at that frequency. Teltonika devices provide a manual band-lock feature which enables users to manually select specific frequency bands and force connection through those specific frequencies. To manually change the LTE frequency bands, kindly follow instructions provided in the links below:

2. Ping RUT#1 to RUT#2 and vice versa

Kindly temporarily disable your the firewalls on both devices through the CLI by using the command below:

/etc/init.d/firewall stop

The CLI could be accessed via the WebUI by navigating to Service - > CLI and login with root and your WebUI password.

After temporarily disabling the firewall on both routers, kindly ping RUT#1 from RUT#2 and vice versa.

Kindly share outcome and the troubleshoot file after performing the tests.

Warm regards