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by anonymous


Is there a way to do a full factory reset on the RUT950?

I realise the fact it remembers the SIM PIN is already documented (although I find that a bit surprising, and probably would prefer it not to, as it's already been asked by someone else in another thread).

However, I've also noticed that the full Event Log is also kept, from the first time the device was booted.
That includes more data that I'd like to clear, including timestamps, connected networks, MAC and IP addresses of connected devices...

I've tried to reset using the hardware reset button, firmware upgrades without keeping the config, "firstboot" command line, firmware re-upload via the bootloader. Despite all these attempts, both the PIN and the full Events Logs remain.

Is there a way to do an actual full factory reset (maybe not as far as downgrading the FW, though).

Thank you.

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by anonymous


Event logs are stored in router's /log directory, log.db file, together with SIM pin records, which you can access via CLI/SSH or WinSCP and remove. 

Best regards,

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by anonymous
Thank you. Just for feedback, considering there are other similar questions about factory reset, it would be worth adding a "complete wipe" option to the factory reset mechanism.

It seems counter intuitive to have a factory reset option that actually keeps potentially sensitive data (or it shouldn't be called "factory reset").

I understand the motivation to keep the logs after reset, it can be useful, but not always desirable.