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Dear Teltonika,

I'd like to ask for a refund for my RUTX12, which was now in use for about two years. I finally have access to a fiber optic connection with 1Gbps. Your Router, even though it is sold as a Gigabit-Router is by far not capable to handle this speed. Directly from the media converter I get a speed of 930-940 Mbps. The moment I perform a speedtest from the wired RUTX12 port I get on a good day a maximum speed of 500Mbps. Average is 450Mbps which is not even 50% of the Gigabit-capability you are selling. I tried everything, new cables, reboot, reset ....and after 2 years I am already a master in resetting the device. Last reset was just with the release of the latest firmware when my guest-wifi out of nothing wasn't working anymore. However, I somehow could live with these constant software bugs, since it is also a hobby....! Well, I also learned that the term "industrial" refers probably just to the climate condition in which the device could work. Otherwise to sell it as an industry device is a bit courageous imho. However, I don't want to speak bad about your device, my point is just that it is not good enough. I already changed the router and have now appropriate speeds, but today I also changed my TSW100 to a TP-Link Business Solution PoE Switch and I couldn't believe that even on the switch there was a massive difference in performance. Connected to the TSW-Switch I get around 830Mbps. With the TP-Link switch the maximum 940Mbps. I don't want to refund all TSW-100 switches which I am using, since I can live with that difference in performance. I am just asking for the RUTX12. But you could send me a new Power-Supply for one of the switches. It burnt recently. I hope I complied to all the rules and wish for a positive solution from your side. Kind regards, PS: Please don't ask for any troubleshoot files again. I am done.

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Thank you for tour feedback.

It is unfortunate to hear about your unsatisfactory experience.

Regarding the refund, please refer to your local Teltonika sales representative, if the device was bought directly from Teltonika, or to your local reseller.

Best regards,

I did that. The representative quit during the process his job and nothing is going on now.

I bought the Router not directly from Teltonika, and I can't return the device.

The above mentioned problems are your problems, Teletonika's problems.

I spent 400-500$ for a router which has to be replaced because of lack of advertised performance. Regard the software issues as a bonus. It's not acceptable.

Looking forward to hearing from you
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Two month later and not a single person after the representative quit his job contacted me.

I tried to use the official way. There is no way that anyone responds to my message.

It's now months that I can't use the switch since I need a new power supply.

I already gave up on the refund for the rutx12, but I like to get a new power supply.

Apparently, as mouser electronics told me, the power supply is not part of Teltonikas warranty. Only the device itself.

Tektonik becomes more and more a circus,...which is not even funny.

PS.: I'm just writing this update on Teletonikas terrible service to myself.