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I bought an rutx11 to use as a 4g mobile failover for when my UK virgin fibre wan goes down. The rutx11 is on the latest firmware and the wan/4gsim setup with the required priorities in the failover settings.

My virgin fibre modem (running in bridge mode) is plugged into the WAN port of the rutx11, and a network cable from rutx11 lan 1 wired into the WAN port of my home WiFi ubiquiti system.

Using an external 4g antenna, I'm getting 81mb/30mb download and upload on the 4g sim and when testing with the virgin modem disconnected, the 4g sim can be seen to be using data.

Prior to the virgin modem being plugged into the rutx11, it was getting speeds of 380mb/40mb down/up.

However, when everything is linked together as it should, and the WAN virgin modem confirmed to be the Internet source, a speed test only gives 81mb/30mb. Its as if the speed is capped at the 4g mobile sim speed.

Is there a setting anywhere which sets a bandwidth limit that can be unchecked?

A seperate issue I'm having is with the firewall and port forwards. Using the rutx11 firewall, I've got to forward the same ports I have forwarded on my ubiquiti system to the ubiquiti router ip address. However, some of the port access is still blocked externally - no issues on the interanal network.

Testing by switching the firewall off and allowing all internal/external connections, the ports I'm having issues with work again. But then the issue is an open dns resolver.

If I change the system to bridge mode, would the failover functionality still remain operational and would this stop the problems I'm seeing with with the ports?
So, I've managed to fix the speed limitation.  Looked to be a software bug linked to the mob1sim interface.  Disabling the interface, then re-enabling looks to have returned the primary WAN to full speed again.  Will have a play around with the interfaces to see if the issue returns when the WAN connection fails and the SIM takes over on failover.  Even if it did happen again, at least I know the workaround to get it back working again.

So, just the issue on the ports and connections.  Can anyone confirm if setting the MOBSIM1 connection to bridge mode will allow the failover functionality to remain working?


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Unfortunately, failover will not work in bridge mode. mwan3 module responsible for handling failover functionality considers mob1s1a1 and WiFi WAN interfaces as disabled, thus, all traffic is routed through the wired WAN interface, even though the router passes its mobile WAN IP to the interface it is connected to.

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