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by anonymous
Had a RUT240 stop responding, so did a bootloader reset.

Managed to get it working on the old firmware but as soon as I update, I can't login (spinning "loading" icon after entering username and password). Reverted back to old fw via bootloader procedure, updated to latest version and it does the same each time.

Is it faulty?

2 Answers

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by anonymous

There could be a cache issue, could you try incognito mode to see if the issue still persists?

When you update to the newer FW, do you have the keep setting option disabled or enabled? I would recommend disabling it.

From which to which FW are you upgrading your device?
by anonymous
Same result in incognito mode.

I've reverted back to the original firmware using the bootloader. Serial number showing blank and MAC showing FFFFFFFFFF.

I can try the latest firmware version again, disabling the option
by anonymous
Updated firmware with the save settings option disabled - still just hangs after entering password.

All 5 signal LED's are blinking - not sure if that means anything
by anonymous
Hi - this still hasnt been fixed - how do I get Teltonika to remote connect and fix??
by anonymous
What is your time zone (GMT), what is the firmware version last installed in your device, when would you be available for a remote and could you send your AnyDesk address?

Please provide the above details in a private message.

Best regards,
by anonymous
Hello - timezone is GMT, firmware was updated to latest but believe the bootloader start may revert it to the factory default

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by anonymous


Could you connect to the router via CLI or SSH and post the output of the following command:

  • hexdump -C /dev/mtd1 

For instructions on how to access the CLI interface please refer here:

Best regards,

by anonymous

login as: root

root@'s password:



BusyBox v1.30.1 () built-in shell (ash)


   ____        _    ___  ____        _(_)_

  |  _ \ _   _| |_ / _ \/ ___|      (_)@(_)

  | |_) | | | | __| | | \___ \       /(_)

  |  _ <| |_| | |_| |_| |___) |    \|/

  |_| \_\\__,_|\__|\___/|____/     \|/


Teltonika RUT2XX 2017 - 2019


root@Teltonika:~# hexdump -C /dev/mtd1

00000000  ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff  ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff  |................|




by anonymous
Could you provide a serial of the device, which can be found on the router itself or its packaging? We would need to arrange a remote to restore it via Anydesk.
by anonymous
Sure - it's 1114636743