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by anonymous

I have RUT955 only for reading GPS coordinates through Modbus TCP. Problem is very slow GPS response for changing postion. RUT955 is placed on the device which is moving low speed - 0.2m/s. If I move device by 5m I do not see any change on GPS coordinates even in WebUI. After many minutes the coordinates start slowly change and after 30min - 1 hour I finally get new accurate position. GPS says that accuracy is 0.6m and see 10 satelits. I have external antenna which is outdoor.  I also upgrated to the latest firmware.

Could you please help me?

Is there any filter or any deadband for this small changes?

1 Answer

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by anonymous


The slow motion of your device can be one of the reasons, why the produced GPS results are inaccurate. Besides that, what you need to understand is that RUT955 is a router with GPS capabilities, not a fully featured dedicated GPS receiver. Even in stationary position the accuracy can be at best 1.5m and deviate up to 5m. When in motion, this number can increase significantly more.   

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