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i am using latest Firmware RUT9_R_00.07.02.7 on RUT950-U**** and RUT950-0****. Everthing on HW-Level seems to be the same, only Modem is different.

While trying to do a backup on Router 1 and bringing it to Router 2 is says: "The selected backup file is not compatible with this device, please choose another file."
I need to apply lots of special settings to different country versions of that router and it's not very smart to do all this stuff manually. How can a restore be managed (maybe with excluding Modem settings and copying over SSH)?

Thank you very much in advance!

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You can try the following workaround. Configuration files can be copied from the router using WinSCP as instructed in this page and move to the other another. The directory with the configuration is /etc/config. 

Best regards,

Thanks for your quick answer.

Yes, I am familiar with WinSCP. But how can I prevent that modem settings or SIM card settings are overwritten and no longer working on Device 2?
The receiver of my configuration is sitting in another country and it makes everything complicated, if even the connectivity will no longer be possible with overwritten SIM / Modem settings.
Can we exclude those files? - Please name the modem relevant files, which should not be overwritten.

Thank you!

Below are the files, which are related to SIM/Mobile settings:

  • Sections related to interfaces 'mob1s1a1' and 'mob1s2a1' in /etc/config/network
  • /etc/config/operctl - relevant if you have made any operator list configuration settings
  • /etc/config/simcard - general mobile configuration settings
  • /etc/config/sim_switch - stores SIM switching configuration
  • /etc/config/data_limit - stores mobile data configuration settings 


Great - will try this. Thank you very much!

edit: works like a charm!