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Latest FW used (...07.02.7) and WAN set to be used as LAN. Still the WAN port does not behave like a LAN actually no difference in behaviour compared to legacy FW when RUT240 was bought. In the application a Mitsubishi PLC is talking with a Mitsubishi HMI via CAT5 LAN, direct CAT 5 cable inbetween. Using a LAN switch this connection can be accomplished and a 3rd device can access the PLC and HMI via IP-protocol. This works fine using a normal LAN switch but not using the RUT240. Scanning the LAN also shows that its only the device (HMI or PLC) connected to the LAN port that is found on the network not the one that is connected to the WAN port

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Could you send me a troubleshoot file in a private message?